Our Solution

No one enjoys missing that important goal, try or favorite song while standing in long lines waiting to get their round of drinks. Swift Pour’s pioneering pouring technology was designed to pour the perfect pint at speed to significantly increase sales while reducing labor costs and squeezing the maximum number of beers from each keg. We are the perfect solution that fits all locations from concerts venues, sports stadiums, festivals and fan parks to your favorite corner pub.

The dock is the foundation of our pouring solution, comprised of bespoke components to enable liquid dispensing. It is designed to be simple in nature for anyone to operate and robust to handle the harshest of environments.
Our software suite enables complete control of the pouring points giving you the ability to generate reports, manage the hardware, calibrate the volume required per pour and interact with your customers. Enabling you to have real time feedback as it happens
Two Cups are offered to the merchant. A unbreakable glass look alike cup for pub environment or the event plastic cup. Both are reusable (Making them the most economical cup on the market), recyclable and dishwasher safe. Each cup perfectly suited for it's surroundings.
To make informed business decisions you need information. Our system is event driven and is designed to collect data, enabling you to identify potential within your business.

Pours in Seconds Now there is time for another drink!


POUR TIME (Seconds)

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SWIFT POUR KEG YIELD avg12% more yield than conventional tap.



More than Beer

Swift Pour has the ability to dispense many sorts of bubble drinks. This includes your favorite mixes such as G&T, Cola and Brandy or Vodka and Lemonade to mention a few.
Easy to use

With a little training required anyone is able to use the system. Simple engage the cup and push a button. Easy to setup, serve and clean.
Branding Opportunities

With the right branding comes great power. Swift Pour offers multiple opportunities of branding, such as custom signage on cups, demo tables and tour busses. With our technology we also have the ability to customize our App to better suit your style.


  • Management System
  • Self Service
  • Live telemetry : View each beverage as its poured
  • Remote management of IoT hardware
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Control dock interaction remotely
  • Team alerts & notifications
  • Controlled levels of access
  • Customer support
Combined with our app, customers can purchase drinks without the need for barmen:
  • User Friendly
  • Bank charges only paid on funds used
  • Hands free
  • Each beverage perfectly poured
  • Reduces labour costs, especially if linked to tank beer
  • Returns surplus funds to the customer after the event at no charge